Author Spotlight: Andrew S. Fuller

"He arrived in the city’s harbor overlooked by the giant female statue on the eleventh day of their September, seeking work that he might bring his family over. Haggard and...

Andrew S. Fuller is our featured author in this entry to the Author Spotlight series focused on contributors to the groundbreaking anthology, A Darke Phantastique.

“The Immigrant” is a fantastic tale involving someone completely out of place:

A Darke Phantastique“He arrived in the city’s harbor overlooked by the giant female statue on the eleventh day of their September, seeking
work that he might bring his family over. Haggard and somewhat changed by his journey, but unable to sleep at night, he nestled in trees of downtown’s long green park. He sniffed their passing words until he could speak them.”

Fuller says about writing the story:

“This story came at first from a curiosity about American slang origins, from a growing want to write in a spiffy Prohibition Era setting with all the flappers, speakeasies, gams, wise guys, saps, jalopies, and whoopee. Researching the time period left me feeling like an outsider to that distant decade, and I was so startled to learn about the historic bomb attack on Wall Street in September 1920 that the story began there, frightening my character as well, and I could only follow as he fled the scene and tried to learn who he was as he worked to survive in our world.”

Andrew S FullerAndrew S. Fuller is a fiction writer with stories appearing in On Spec, Daily Science Fiction, Crossed Genres, The Pedestal, Abyss & Apex, Fantastic Metropolis, and the anthologies FISH, Bibliotheca Fantastica, and Full Throttle Space Tales, as well as The Circus Wagon novelette. His screenplay Effulgence won the Deep One Best Screenwriter Award at the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival. Since 1999, he has edited Three-Lobed Burning Eye magazine. He lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. Find him online at and Twitter @andrewsfuller.



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