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KafkaBy felipefonseca on 2007-10-15 11:17:36 Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Popularly known as “Jewel Of the Crown” among the central Europe, and one among the most...

By felipefonseca on 2007-10-15 11:17:36
Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Popularly known as “Jewel Of the Crown” among the central Europe, and one among the most beautiful city of the world, Prague has tourism as it major force. Though the city does not have tourism as its main occupation, but the effect of tourism can be clearly seen over the city.

The beautiful city of Prague is situated along the Vltava River in central Bohemia.The foundation of Prague dates back to the Paleolithic Age. The city was founded by Princess Libu’e and Premysl, her husband and founder of the Premysl Dynasty. This city became the seat of Kings of Bohemia and an important place for trading. Prague has a number of nicknames, such as City of a Hundred Spires, The Golden City, The Left Bank of the Nineties, The Mother of Cities, and The Heart of Europe.

Attractions In Prague
Prague is a feast for sightseeing tourist. Prague has some of the most extensive collections of art and culture in the world. The city offers some fascinating attractions to life. Some of the places that are top on the “Do Not Miss” list of Prague are:-

Franz Kafka Museum
Although Franz Kafka once described his native city of Prague as “a dear little mother with claws” who never let him go, today Kafka’s entrapment in Prague is greater than ever. Declaring itself the “City of Kafka”, Prague has associated itself with the author’s now iconic, brooding face.

There is a Kafka memorial near the Old-New Synagogue, several Kafka cafés, and a Kafka bust standing guard in the Mercure Hotel’s lobby, located in the office Kafka once worked at as an attorney. And, with the newly opened Franz Kafka Museum, it seems ensured that Kafka will now forever be trapped in what he called the “bird cage” of Prague.

Old Town
U Zlateho Tygra:
A crowded, standing room only, smoke filled dive of a working class bar. Here Czech beer is enjoyed in the most classic tradition. The bar is famous for being the haunt of writer Bohumil Hrabal, a place President Bill Clinton paid homage to, and for serving the best Pilsner Urquel in Prague.

Charles Bridge
During the day, crossing the Vltava River via the gothic statue lined Charles Bridge is akin to being a pinball, bouncing your way through obstacles of tourists. This being said, the ideal times to enjoy the suspended cobblestone alleyway of this six hundred year old bridge is during the morning or evening.

Tourists can visit all the places of interest by taking walking tours, bus tours, or boat tours. A number of companies offer interesting walking tours of Prague. Some walking tours may have themes such as ghosts, Kafka, and legends. A two hour boat tour on the Vltava River takes tourists past the Prague Castle District and Lesser Town. The Prague by Night tour is three hours long and tourists can enjoy onboard dining and cruising.

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