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Perchance to DreamBy D()MENICK on 2012-07-07 04:40:48 You should outsource manuscript editing because this offers you an objective pair of eyes, your mistakes will be pointed out, and you...

Perchance to Dream
By D()MENICK on 2012-07-07 04:40:48
You should outsource manuscript editing because this offers you an objective pair of eyes, your mistakes will be pointed out, and you will save valuable time, among other benefits. If you are looking for an eBook, book proposal, literary editor, or any other editor, choose carefully because some are not competent. There are several tips that will ensure you get the best editor.

Determine your particular needs before beginning your search. This is because some editors specialize in fiction editing while others specialize in non-fiction editing (such as an eBook editor). When going for fiction editors, note that there are different categories such as political, mainstream, suspense, literary, historical, mystery, romance, horror, check lit, sci-fi, magical realism, and erotic fantasy. A good editing company will, however, offer all these services.

If you want the best editor, do not pay too much attention to the cost of the service. Note that you expect to pay for quality editing and you should actually be skeptical about editors who have overly low prices.

One of the best ways to find a good editor is to get recommendations from satisfied customers. You could get recommendations from friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors, or other people you know who might have had previous dealings with editors.

A good editor will not shy away from giving you a portfolio of past clients. Call the people in the portfolio and ask about their experience dealing with the editor in question. Good editors today have a strong online presence. This allows you to submit your manuscript anonymously and conveniently and it saves you a lot of money. Visit the website of the editor you are interested in and look at the customer testimonials and the comments therein for an overview of what to expect from the editor.

You could find good editors by reading independent reviews. These are available in magazines and in review websites. Independent reviews are advantageous in that they give you both the merits and the drawback of the editor in question. There are many online communities (particularly blogs and discussion forums) on editing. Join one and read the posts therein. You will get tips on the best editors, how to contact them, and other relevant information such as how much you expect to pay and how long the job will take. Do not pay too much attention to ads because every editor will tell you he/she is the best.

Whichever method you use to search for the editor, do not put pen on paper before you determine if the editor is up to date with the latest development in the field. Go for editors who have several years of experience since they are more likely to have good knowledge of the subject matter. Your editor should have knowledge of the relevant law (copyright/plagiarism, libel, and slander laws). A good editor will be well organized to ensure the edited manuscript is delivered in good time. The editor is not out to please you. You expect him/her to point out many mistakes and to write detailed critique of the work through copious notes. The editor should do developmental editing to ensure you have a strong plot and strong characters.

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