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CurvedBy D()MENICK on 2011-09-20 13:30:00 Let’s talk about out-of-this-world art – not just off the physical planet, as in aliens or outer space, but otherworldly as in transcending the...

By D()MENICK on 2011-09-20 13:30:00
Let’s talk about out-of-this-world art – not just off the physical planet, as in aliens or outer space, but otherworldly as in transcending the physical plane altogether.

What do we mean? The spiritual, the supernatural, the meaningful-but-intangible, the abstract.

Artists have a long history of influence from higher beliefs, and our artists today are no different.

And there’s also the matter of historical influence – art has been around a long time, and each new generation of artists stands upon the shoulders of the giants before them. (This is just a way to discuss contemporary oil paintings inspired by not-so-contemporary elements or fringe beliefs.)

Paintings made of light, vivacious colors, or historical times, or spiritual beliefs that are rendered through an artist’s imagination – these are the core of today’s working artists. These are the unimaginable, imagined by the artist. The paintings are out of this world because they draw in extrasensory visuals on a canvas that is made to be observed.

Many paintings that exhibit brilliant out-of-this-world styles are ones inspired by historical painters. By accessing common styles, genres, forms, or functions of the past, it is out of this current world and into a much older one. Using older classic works as an example is one way to gain understanding of the driving spiritual moxie which drove these artists.

Edgar Degas is an example of a historical painter who danced between realism and impressionism. Another, Gustav Klimt, a symbolist painter, had the ability to paint with haunting realism, but instead dominated his painting with colorful squares, thereby creating art that was out of his world – and ours. The similarity between both masters of art is a mixture of relatable imagery and spasmodic symbols that calls to mind a higher level of thought and existence.

Another way to inspire art to another level is with dominant spiritual beliefs across the ages. Aura and spirit are all prevailing beliefs. The idea that humans hold an inherent energy is a belief held across many religions and countries. However, as an energy it is invisible and unverifiable. That doesn’t stop an artist’s imagination from divining what this might look like, and the process is as magical as the result.

For grand inspiration, look for historical artists who let their painting take off with brilliant colors and symbolic elements. Take the theme to the next level, and explore what spirituality really looks like. Explore how feelings and human experiences take on a visual appearance, with color, shading, and texture.

Nicole Alger is a working artist living in NYC who draws inspiration from classical masters and classical mythologies. View the spiritual side of her online portfolio at: http://www.nicolealger.com/spiritual-moxie/
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